Some mission statements can be tediously long. We wanted something short we each could remember. And something that would take the best of our past and challenge us into the future. In a weekend retreat where we shared our strengths and values,we came up with: 



Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching In


First and foremost, we value gathering to praise God. We reach up in gratitude:

  • for having been created in the image of God, and God's great bounty to and through us,  
  • for Jesus, God's son, who came to be God up close and personal to redeem us from our own worst selves,
  • for the Holy Spirit, our constant guide in life.
It's the three-in-one God beyond defining or describing. 
Second, in response to the love of this three-in-one God, we reach out to our community and world, a natural response to having been so deeply gifted ourselves. We seek the image of God that we know resides in all people -- and we are blessed in and through these encounters.
Third, we reach in with humility, facing our own true selves and seeking ways to grow in the love and grace of God, not only for our own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the church community and the world.
We believe that a spirituality focused only on ourselves and our own life, death, and immortality is a shallow spirituality. Jesus came to show many a path to abundant life, here and for ever. And he called us to continue his mission.