Shrove Tuesday

The Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday is called, "Shrove" Tuesday or commonly known as "Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras."

Observance of Shrove Tuesday can be traced back to at least AD 1000 and was originally observed as a day of confession and penitence in preparation for Ash Wednesday and Lent. The word shrove is past tense of shrive, a verb meaning “to go to confession and get absolved of sin.”


Shrove Tuesday has turned into more of a day of feasting in preparation for the fasting that is to occur during Lent. The feasting aspect of Shrove Tuesday originated due to the need to get rid of the foods/ingredients that are restricted during the Lenten fasting, such as sugar, leavened flour, eggs, etc. Many churches host Pancake Suppers on Shrove Tuesday, including St. Michael's. 

Cooling pancakes