What is Cursillo?

Cursillo (kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word that means "a little course." A Cursillo begins with a three-day weekend experience during which participants "live what is fundamental to being a Christian" in a Christian community where prayer support, love, and joy are emphasized. A Cursillo weekend enlivens people to the reality of Christ's love and presence in a way that leads to greater action in witness to Christ, both within the Church and in the world at large. A Cursillo weekend is a blend of seriousness and light-heartedness. It is made up of spiritual experiences and talks by lay persons and clergy, intended to equip one with the basics needed to do Christ's work in the world. Cursillo is for adult Christians and is meant to be shared as a learning and growing experience attained through worship, study, reflection, and fellowship. One "makes" a Cursillo only once, but it will be built upon throughout life.


What can I expect?

 Cursillo lasts from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. During the first night until the following morning, a time of silence is observed. This is a means of moving from the busy world of work and family into the spirit of the weekend. Thereafter, the basic teachings of Christ are discussed and shared in an atmosphere of worship, music, joy, and laughter.


What is the Fourth Day? 

A Cursillo weekend is a preparation for the “Fourth Day," a term applied to the spiritual journey each person will experience during the remainder of this life, to begin on Sunday. Without an active, committed Fourth Day, the Cursillo is not complete.