What to Expect When You Visit St. Michael's Episcopal Church

 First-time visitor? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate a Sunday morning at St. Michael's:


Before the service

  • Park in one of our two parking lots, either to the west or east of the buildings. If you park on the west side, you'll want to come directly to the large double doors, front and center. If you park on the west side, you are welcome to enter through our historic courtyard, then through the parish hall to the foyer and worship space. 
  • When you come through the main doors of our church, you’ll enter a  gathering space we call the foyer. There, you’ll typically be welcomed by one of our greeters. Please let us know that you’re a visitor or a newcomer. If you'd like to be in touch with us, stop by our Visitor’s Book on the podium there to record your visit with us. If you'd like to leave additional information or request something, please be sure to fill out the Visitor Card there.
  • We include people of all ages in our service, and we love the presence of children.  
  • On your way into the church itself, pick up a bulletin from the Greeter. It will keep you informed about many things going on here. Sit wherever you will be comfortable. No one here "owns" a pew.  
  • Our service of worship, is taken from the Book of Common Prayer. You will be given guidance through the service by the priest or a neighbor in the pew.  When in doubt, just check out what everyone else is doing. 


During the service

  • If you’re new to the Episcopal Church, you’ll discover that our worship style is very interactive and participatory. You’ll see people sitting, standing, and sometimes kneeling depending on whether we’re learning, listening, singing, or praying.  Please don’t feel awkward or embarrassed if you don’t “keep up”—please just do what you’re comfortable with! And if you’d like help, the people near you would be happy to assist—just ask. 
  • We celebrate the Holy Eucharist at every service. Anyone who has been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is invited to partake in Holy Communion, from infants to adults. If you do not wish to take Communion but would like to receive a blessing from a priest, please come to the altar rail along with everyone else and cross your arms over your chest. The priest will know what that means.  

After the service

  • The priest and other people would enjoy meeting you. You can find the priest by the front door in the foyer. Please introduce yourselves. But don’t leave yet… 
  • We invite you to join us in the parish hall for refreshments.