The Good Samaritan Ministry

Throughout the year we gather a variety of items to support the work of other helping organizations, particularly those assisting veterans. Nancy Salatka, organizer, explains the ministry:

 "This ministry came about in 2011 after a former priest, Father Robert Kley, encouraged the Bishop's Committee members to each find a community need and to set in motion a ministry to help fill the need. We had collected food items and donated to a local food bank at various times but I knew that hygiene products, soaps, paper products, etc. were not covered under the food stamp program and not given in food boxes. I really gave a lot of thought and prayer to the need of some for these personal items. With God's blessing we are doing what we can to help." 

Each month Nancy keeps us informed of what personal items are needed. 

At St. Michael's (The Vah Ki Inn) we seek not only to be the sort of inn to which the Good Samaritan would be pleased to bring the injured traveler. We also seek to be Good Samaritans ourselves.