Our international parish partner is St. Cuthbert's Cathedral in Zimbabwe.

Two of our members, Gracious and Ellen Tembo, are from that parish.  Ellen writes:


"St. Cuthbert's Cathedral is in a city called Gweru . It is in the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe in the Midlands Province. It was established in the early 80's after Zimbabwe's independence from British rule. Black professionals like doctors, lawyers nurses teachers etc moved into the former whites only areas.Prior to becoming a Cathedral it was a parish for white congregation only, because of the then  apartheid system .So after independence we were free to move and live where we wanted.

The current bishop is The Right Reverend  Ishmael  Mukuwanda. The Dean of the cathedral is The Reverend Austin July. There are other priests who help run the Cathedral. (We don't have names because we have been away almost 10 years.)

 When we were there, the Cathedral had programs to help orphans and widows by providing them with food , school tuition, school uniforms, book, other stationery and rent through a  program called CuthAids. It was in full operation then-we are not sure if it's still in operation. The parish is big and had a membership of close to 500+ .  Because of the large congregation, they hold two Holy Mass services every Sunday. Services are in Shona (the local language ) and English - for people from other areas who do not speak or read Shona.

Other programs done there include  Youth groups - St. Agnes Guild for girls 12 years and older and one for young men ( St. Peter's Guild).  

There's a very active women's organization (the Mother's Union) and the men's organization  (Cathedral Men's Association). These groups are involved in various parish programs -outreach, stewardship, and community projects.

Last but not least, there is a very active Sunday School. (I was involved in Sunday School for 25 years and only stopped when I left for the US).There are four groups of kids in Sunday school:  3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-10 years, and the pre-teens 11-12 . Each group can have as many as 10-15 kids at one seating every Sunday! The Cathedral has mostly young professionals -doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses and many other professions. This is why there is a large number of kids in Sunday School. Children are taught the Anglican doctrine , prayer and Bible reading,  and how to be good followers of Christ.

There are  two vibrant church choirs which provide music every Sunday. The Youth Choir is so good they had some of their songs put on CD."