Vicar: The Reverend Philip Stowell

Assistant:  The Reverend Dr. Robert Flaherty



Organist:  Ms. Shelley Peterson

Office Managers: Cindy Bohnas and Sandy Cook

Sextons:  Jeanne and Bob Ketchum

The Bishop's Committee

Our governing body is called "the Bishop's Committee." As a mission of the Diocese of Arizona, we are under the able authority of our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Kirk Smith. In fact we do function on our own behalf in recognition of our connectedness to the diocese, the national church, and the Worldwide Anglican CommunionWe gather monthly, generally on the second Sunday of the month following worship, to oversee the plans and activities of the congregation. We are elected on a rotating basis for a three-year term.

The current members of the committee are:

Senior Warden: Marybeth Goree 

Junior Warden: Willsie (Scotty) Scott

Clerk: Cindy Bohnas

Treasurer:  Sandy Cook


            Marybeth Goree

            Terri Bonesteel

            Ellen Tembo

           Shirley Grimes

            Rosie McCoy

            Jeanne Ketchum

            Cindy Bohnas

            Sandy Cook     

            Joan Wuertz

 Convention Delegates:

            Cindy Bohnas

            Rosie McCoy